Review by Bill Bentley

Terre Roche, Imprint.

Bentley's Bandstand June 2015

Singer-songwriter Terre Roche has been in the right place at the right time so often she might consider going into real estate. That would be music's loss, though, because this illustrious member of sister trio the Roches has found a most impressive manner to go it alone. Her new album is a joyous call to individuality, and while it's only a duo affair with bassist Jay Anderson, it is so composed of life and living nothing else is needed.

Maybe that's because Roche finds methods to illuminate every part of what it means to be a human being in 2015, and also how she turns that simplicity in to such a rich representation of where she's been and where she might go. Anderson's bass helps push her there, into the dusty corners of emotional loss and those other pesky questions of time's passage. Whether it's "No Sleep Full Moon: or " You Hold the Story in Your Eyes", Terre Roche has cracked the code of what a singer-songwriter must always do - make their world our world. If "I Saw a Lady" doesn't turn the heart upside down then there's nothing left to say. Here's to Ms. Roche, a woman so full of wisdom she knows to keep her prayer beads handy at all times.