Recommendations from Students

"Nobody teaches guitar better than Terre Roche, a world-famous performer who continues to study music herself, long after rocking Saturday Night Live. Great teachers combine keen eyes with vast knowledge and a deep understanding of the challenges their students face. Terre is a master of all three, and I've never met anyone who is better at teaching beginners. And don't forget to take your Fretboard Vitamins!" 

- Gary Marcus Author of "Guitar Zero"

My lessons with Terre are the highlight of my week. Terre is not only an extraordinary teacher, but a lovely person, through and through. She has buckets of patience and no matter where you are on the Guitar Aptitude scale - she gets right in there and shows you the way with good cheer, humor and such inspiring musicality.

My level of playing and musical confidence has taken giant leaps since I began studying with Terre. I may have been "late to the party" by starting guitar later in life, but she has gotten me to the point that I play gigs. Lessons are a combination of playing, working out technical glitches, untangling my fingers on difficult passages, learning new songs,chatting about performance and gigging issues - so many things! Terre will improvise 2nd guitar parts over my songs and we record them to study. There is always plenty of laughter and when the lesson is done - a profound sense of joy in making further progress on the journey to playing guitar well. Terre's gifts as a teacher equal her incredible gifts as a performer, and I am indeed a lucky guitar player to study with her.

- Claudia Goddard

I went to study with Terre to jump start a return to playing, but what she unlocked was my love for singing and writing songs as well. She is so much more than a teacher...she is a catalyst, a guide and a muse.

- Alexandra Christy

Terre is a great teacher for adults. She will meet you where you are with a great combination of the practical 

(I learned "Happy Birthday" on the first lesson) and the theoretical.

- Manny

Terre's versatility as a teacher is boundless. I initially went to her to study guitar, but over the course of several years we worked on music theory, learning by ear, songwriting, and singing harmony. In group lessons and individual sessions, I saw that Terre can reach the student at any level, and has a deep appreciation for every moment of realization and growth no matter how small. Lessons with Terre were challenging, while always emphasizing the fun of learning and the joy of music.

- Anne Stott (

As a teacher, Terre is that rare thing: the consummate professional (obviously) who also possesses a natural and non-condescending empathy for the struggles and potential of her students. In part, this seems to derive from Terre's own open and active commitment to her own continued growth and self-challenge - which makes her easy to admire - but it's also just a downright profound decency that allows her to listen to, understand, and help her students with where they are and where they want to go; that is, in the best sense, she follows and does not impose, while nonetheless offering the structure of her own deep theoretical and practical understandings as ready guideposts. In a word, she's great.

-- Bill Jones

PS: I still practice every day (without hope of fruition (mostly).

Terre Roche does not employ a one size fits all approach to learning guitar. She finds your level of ability and interest, and tailors your lessons accordingly.

Whether you want to learn specific songs or dive into the deep end of musical theory, she can make it all accessible for you. For the beginner, Terre can have you playing a song sooner than you would have imagined, and for an advanced guitarist, she can fine tune your playing to make you even better.

- Michael Gilroy

I received my guitar as a birthday gift and never having played an instrument I registered for a class for beginners. I was conflicted about taking lessons. I had not studied anything in a long time. I couldn't master the skills working within a group. Then I found Terre - whose style is patient, positive and pointed. She made learning to play the guitar an achievable objective.

- Helen Kaufman

Terre is a wonderfully positive and supportive teacher. I was a virtual beginner on the guitar when I started studying with her about five years ago. By the end of my first lesson, I was already playing a song. My lessons with Terre are always rewarding and fun. She makes quality playing accessible because she brings to the experience not only a vast knowledge of all aspects of music, but also a keen sensitivity to the needs of the student.

-- Wendy La Grego

Terre is an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging teacher. She gives me the freedom to learn the guitar at my own pace. I especially like how informal and relaxed the classes are; she helps foster a very friendly atmosphere, in which I'm free to experiment with different playing styles. And if ever there's a particular song I'd like to learn, Terre is more than happy to work on it with me, even going so far as to transcribe the tablature for me.

-- Bill Kravitz