Some Music Samples

I picked out a few things you might like to hear. Scroll down and enjoy!

Star of Wonder

Sung by Chor Leoni

Hallelujah Chorus at Washington Square Arch

The 44th Annual Christmas Caroling at the Washington Square Arch. December 21,2017. Barbara Morillo (to my right from the watcher's perspective) and I have kept this tradition going for 44 years. It began as a flash mob style caroling group, "The Carolling Carollers" but has grown to include Anyone who wants to come and sing together.

The Breath of Winter

Chor Leoni director Erick Lichte commissioned me to write a Christmas song. Here is the premier performance of the song "The Breath of Winter".


The Unrecovered One

Not everyone stops drinking



From two far apart places on the globe, we traveled together for a spell.


Earth Rock

A bank teller looking at my check called me Earth Rock. He said that was my name in French. I wrote this song the day after a journalist was beheaded. It was raining very hard and seemed like the earth was crying.


Waning Cats and Dogs

Everything wanes. The guitar part on this one is fun to play!


Si Shi Pende (Tibetan National Anthem)

Garry Dial and I put out a record of 16 different national anthems incorporating musicians from the various countries all of whom were currently living in New York City. Here Namgyal Yeshi sings a nomad song he remembered from his childhood while my sister Maggie and I sing the the Tibetan anthem.


Captain Sully (by Afro Jersey)

Captain Sully landed a plane in the Hudson River in the deep cold of winter. Everyone survived. Sidiki Conde, Marlon Cherry and I wrote this song of thanks to all the people and spirits who participated in this Miracle on the Hudson.